Support Afghan Refugees: Donate to Provide Vital Aid and Resources

Through a local Afghan charity in Walsall headed by Fahim Zazai MBE, MIAT has helped provide food parcels and blankets to the needy. People were selling their kidneys to make ends meet!!

When thousands were evacuated when the Western nations pulled out of Afghanistan, MIAT stepped up and with the help of Mr Aziz Tayub for Poundstretcher all provisions were provided at cost. The total cost was £40000 approximately.

A few families were located in Walsall but many were scattered around the West Midlands and other parts of the country such as Bristol. Through the local Afghan Community, food and provisions which included baby food powder and all other daily provisions including toiletries were distributed far and wide.

MIAT Supports Hundreds of Afghan Refugees in UK

Afghanistan Food Aid to Orphans

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