MIAT Humanitarian Aid Projects

Professor Abdul Rashid Gatrad OBE​

Professor Abdul Rashid Gatrad OBE

Mr. Mohammed Aslam M.B.E​

Mr. Mohammed Aslam MBE

Jointly responsible for MIAT success. Over the last 15 years Prof Gatrad has conceived all the projects and they have both delivered them – Mr Aslam and him have travelled between them to over 20 countries where Prof Gatrad set up projects

The Trust has supported Haiti where we worked with the United Nations and helped house 500 people in tents that we took with us. In the Tsunami and the floods of Bangladesh and the earthquake of Pakistan and floods of Bihar in India we provided food, shelter, medicines and clean water through providing water wells. In Mazafarabad a breeze block factory was set up to help employ 20 people who in turn would help with house building. This project continues to this day. We also built a school for 1000 children and opened a Woman’s Centre to help educate 70 young girls and women in not only academic education but also skills such as sewing.

For the famine, as a result of failure of rains affecting the Horn of Africa, Mr Aslam travelled to Kenya in August 2011 and visited the refugee sites there and saw first hand the humanitarian crisis facing millions of people displaced from Ethiopia and Somalia. He was there with a Charity called Caravans of Mercy. Many thousands of families were provided with basics such as water, rice wheat sugar and tea. The trip lasted a week.

As it was dangerous to travel to Gaza Prof Gatrad enlisted the services of the Royal college of Paediatrics and Mr Aslam made a presentation to the CEO of Medical Aid to Palastine.

Mr Aslam has travelled to Syria 3 times between 2012 and 2015, and on one occasion nearly got blown up. He has taken blankets and food and MIAT has worked here with Caravan of Mercy to deliver aid safely. Prof Gatrad organized 60,000 blankets, from China, to each of these destinations: Syria, Gambia, India and Pakistan.

Floods in Malawi in 2015 were supported by MIAT – we built toilets for villages in the Zomba district.

Every year MIAT receives used Duvets from the University of Warwick – 6000 every year. These are regularly delivered to various needy countries such as Gambia and Somalia.

Working with the Oak tree Trust MIAT contributed 505 to the building of a school in Zimbabwe, a van converted into a school bus, school books and furniture. Many hundreds of duvets donated by Warwick University were delivered by Rev Wilbert of Broadway Church to Zimbabwe.


Prevention of river blindness, MIAT has supported 20,000 children in Nigeria.

Santander matched our donation to prevent blindness in Nigeria

Preventing 20,000 people from going blind in Nigeria. MIAT working with cbm – an international charity for preventing disability.

Humanitarian Aid – Nigeria


Fundraising event for the Chennai floods – 2015


Supplying water to victims of floods in Malawi -2015 – also built 100 toilets in the flood areas

Mr Aslam delivers £15,000 worth of aid to drought-stricken Malawi - March 2017

Building houses, toilets and providing bicycle ambulances and bore holes


Supplying blankets and duvets 2014

Blankets for Syrian refugees


Supplies given to Indonesia




The biggest venture for MIAT was the 3 visits that Mr Aslam undertook to Nepal. The first one, in April 2015 to provide food, water and medicines. The second was to plan the building of 1000 huts that both he and Professor Gatrad promised on ITV programmes. The third visit was to check what was donated was appropriately spent. Dr Ian Robertson of Oak tree Trust as always supports, and often travels with Mr Aslam as he did to Nepal. In 2016 MIAT is building a school near Kathmandu in Nepal in association with Radio XL Birmingham and under the auspices of the Nepalese medical association. In March 2016 he travelled with Children of Adam, a sister charity, to Lesbos in Greece to distribute toys, food, torches and sleeping bags.


Food relief in India

Kerela, India

Miat works with Oak Tree Trust and jointly funds : water storage tanks, a coconut planting project in Kerela India.


Delivering blankets in Kashmir 2018

Mr Ch. Akhter of KORT distributing blankets sent by MIAT to Kashmir for distribution to the poor. January 2019

MIAT Built toilets for 6 girls schools in Kashmir, working with Oak Tree Trust.

Girls refuse to go to school, as up to now there were no toilets in many schools.


Mr Aslam hands over a cheque for Medical Aid to Palestine



Dr Irial Eno delivering medicines and bandages provided by MIAT to refuges in Calais


Rohingyas, Bangladesh

Sierra Leone

Hygiene Kit Distributions


MIAT delivers aid through Al- Imdaad Foundation in Yemen


Working with Dr Ian Robertson from a Christian organisation 'Oak Tree Trust' Midland International Aid Trust supports schooling in Zimbabwe.

Other Humanitarian Events

Food parcels are delivered regularly to various countries affected by disasters.