Global Humanitarian Aid

Medical and Humanitarian work​

  • Built a hospital
  • Supported cleft lip and palate operations
  • Training and teaching
  • Cataracts
  • Blindness prevention
  • Vaginal Fistula operations 
  • Limb Fitting/club feet
  • Vocational training
  • Village Clinic
  • Heart project – S Africa
  • Disaster aid
  • Equipment donation
  • Water projects
  • Orphanage

Relief & Medical help provided by the charity to:​

  • Malawi 
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan – Swat
  • Pakistan – Balochistan
  • Pakistan – Gujrat
  • Kashmir
  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Bosnia
  • Jorden – Syrian refugees
  • Sri Lanka
  • Croatia
  • Indonesia
  • Gujrat – India
  • Bihar – India
  • Lalpur – India
  • Gaza
  • Haiti
  • Kenya
  • Somalia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Sierra leone
  • Turkey 

Kashmir Earthquake Sept 2005

MIAT is there

Overseen by the army

Tsunami –Indonesia - 2005​

Earthquake –Haiti earthquake 2010 ​

After floods in Pakistan - 2010

8000 tents and 80000 sleeping bags arriving from China and distributed – Village now called – the Midland Village​
Just one donor friend of Prof Gatrad paid for this – 2010​

Pakistan Floods – 80,000 people supported with tents​

Relief Goods to Pakistan 2011-2012

Tents & Blankets after the Sindh Floods – Village rebuilt with a school and named after the Trust. 

A  BBC documentary programme ‘Inside Out’ was based on this

40% of those helped were non-Muslims

Kenyan border 2012 Dr Abdi and Aslam delivering aid​

Uttarakhand - Indian Floods 2013​

Mrs Kundu and her son Anish pictured with Mayor Nazir before visiting flood affected areas

Floods in India

Mr Aslam helps Syrian refugees with clothes food and shelter - August 2013

Built 1000 huts for the victims of earthquake in Nepal - 2015

Prof Gatrad - Polio immunisation Malawi

Sanitary pad project Malawi/Gambia

Orphanage in India – land and building donated by Prof Gatrad’s family

MIAT supports Orphanage Malawi – 2017 Prof Gatrad broke his leg here

Toilets – Malawi and Gambia

Bicycle Ambulances - Malawi

Food Parcels – the look on this orphans face says it all -Gujarat

Prevention of River Blindness - Nigeria

Toilets in Kashmir – Girls School

Somalia Medical Camp Dr Abdi on Gatrad Bursary

2012 Dr Abdi from the Manor Hospital Walsall (with patient) and Mukhtar from the African Relief Fund (standing near the door)

Duvet from Warwick university distributed to refugees in Syria.

Bore – hole, Soap, masks and thermometers delivered during Covid to Malawi

Masks provided by Jubaida Gatrad Skills Centre India - 2020


Bangladesh floods – 2022 – women ferried to Safety through MIAT finance and collaboration

Medicines school equipment Malawi Sparkle Foundation 2019 onwards

Food during Covid Clockwise Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan and Syria

Malawi Floods - 2022

Dr Rana from the Manor Hospital in Syria 10 days after the earthquake 2023 - £30,000 provided by MIAT to her

Land/buildings donated by Professor Gatrad’s family to open an orphanage in Lalpur India.

Over 1000 children for whom school plus sewing and IT classes are provided in Lalpur India

Working with Royal college of Paediatrics – aid for burnt children in Palestine

Refugees arriving – Lesbos Greece​

Blankets to Rohyngyas - Bangladesh

Homes for Rohyngyas - £20,000 from Prof Gatrad’s books

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