MIAT Projects

Medical Projects

Our main medical projects.

Humanitarian Aid

An overview of our humanitarian efforts.

We provide wells, hand pumps and water-purifying tablets. Fifty pumps have been constructed in various disasters in Bangladesh, 80 in India and 40 in Pakistan. We purchased a boring machine to expedite our work and cut costs after the Pakistan earthquake.

MIAT has ran many fund raisers, raising money and awareness through events and activities. MIAT has provided help and support to the local community, as well as the rest of the world.

The Trust has also undertaken ‘one off’ projects such as providing facilities and funding mass marriages in India and Pakistan. In 2015 11 marriages were carried out in Pakistan at the cost of £700 each. Our Trust is very sympathetic to the work of cancer charities and gives regular donations locally to age concern, cancer UK etc.

MIAT is working with DeafKidz International to develop a model of ear & hearing care for low-resource settings in Pakistan. MIAT funded the initial DeafKidz International assessment to Gurjat Province and has been instrumental in facilitating subsequent access for DeafKidz International and its technical partner, the Netherlands-based, Royal Dutch Kentalis.

We have built 3 orphanages in Bangladesh. Professor Gatrad’s family donated all the buildings in Lalpur, that were owned by the Osman Adam family from Malawi, for conversion into an orphanage. Here 200 children are housed in beautiful surrounding with food, shelter and education provided.


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