Eye Projects

47 eye camps so far. The interest in the visually impaired stems from the work we started in Bosnia in 1992. We initially supplied sticks for the blind and Braille machines. Over the last 10 years we have been involved with cataract camps in South Africa, India and Pakistan. Each operation costs £30 and we have operated on over 10,000 patients both adults and children. We also support eye care during our visits.
We employ the services of local surgeons in Pakistan. Vision International carry out the operations free. Eye camps are held twice a year. In our work we have been helped by donations from Oak Tree Trust who recently sponsored a full camp of 260 patients.

2015 was the turning point for MIAT. A chance discussion with Dr Shara a fellow deputy Lieutenant colleague of Professor Gatrad, Akmal Siddiqui, a consultant ophthalmologist, was introduced to him. She visited Pakistan and set up the Refraction Service (80% 0f patients only need glasses) and on her recommendation, an optometrist has been appointed. A typical day’s work is:

Name Age Problem Management
1 56 yrs old Conjuctivitis Medication
2 41 yrs old Presbyopic N.V glass
3 50 yrs old Presbyopic N.V glass
4 25 yrs old Emmetropic N.A
5 15 yrs old Headache Medication
6 4 yrs old Emmetropic N.A
7 16 yrs old Iris and lens deformity R/f. Surg
8 4 yrs old 8 Presbyopic N.V glass
9 19 yrs old Myopia D.V glass
10 41 yrs old Chalazion R/f Surg
11 25 yrs old Eye twich Medication
12 55 yrs old conjuctivitis Medication
13 57 yrs old Presbyopic N.V glass
15 32 yrs old Emmetropic N.A
16 3 yrs old Emmetropic N.A

Prof Gatrad is working with cbm – an international charity to help collaborate work of MIAT which very soon will involve the care of diabetic eyes – a condition that leads to blindness and is completely preventable. Funding is in place to purchase lazer machines for such a venture.






MIAT funds over 1000 cataract operations per year

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Cataracts – after the removal of bandages

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‘I can now see – may Allah always shower blessings on you’ – said this lady

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After the cataract operation

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Cataracts – Mr Aslam explaining how often to use the eye medicine

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A historic moment – Syeda Akmal – a consultant Opthalmologist from Manchester has set up an ‘Eye Unit’ – primarily to prevent blindness. Here she is teaching and training on glaucoma detection and detecting diabetic retinopathy.

Working with blind children

MIAT supports and has donated equipment to AKAB School For The Blind.


Visiting a shool for the blind 2016. On return to the UK The Walsall Society for the blind were kind enough to donate 3 Braille machines.


Eye camp in Kasguma

Eye camp in Kasguma. Over 2 day 500 patients were seen and although most  needed glasses donated by SIOpticals Leicester 139 were operated for cataracts - the funding was by MIAT. Prof Gatrad hopes to make Kasguma Hospital in Kashmir a Cataract centre for the whole of Kashmir. The beds, blankets and duvets were donated by MIAT.


Shabir Ibrahim of Leicester donated specs for distribution at the eye camp in Kasguma 2016.

An ophthalmologist carrying out a diabetic eye clinic with a machine that was donated to MIAT by Shskeel Puri

An Opthalmic microscope being donated by MIAT and Okatree Trust to Dr Usman for use in cataract operations on the poor for Kashmir and Pakistan