Humanitarian Aid and Healthcare Support for Kashmir

Over the years MIAT has built many wells in rural areas and even some boreholes – the latter is over £1500 each as the ground is very hard and rocky underneath. We also carry out cataract operations regularly and teams from Gujarat Pakistan carry out camps there regularly.

During these camps, the club foot team is available for advice and immediate treatment if appropriate. Some are lucky to be able to have donors support their operations. There is also a cleft lip and palate camp – largely to identify patients with this condition and invite them back to the Jubaida Gatrad Hospital which houses the cleft centre to be operated when the international team comes – twice a year.

A lot of medical equipment at the Kasguma Hospital was provided initially by MIAT. Working with Oak Tree Trust MIAT has built many toilets and provided sanitary pads to encourage girls to attend school.

Catracts in Kashmir

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